Shrive- Shrove- Shriven

As most people know- bloated bellies, empty fridges and the lingering smell of fried fat in the kitchen attest to it- Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day. Having grown up in Britain, we marked this yearly event with the village pancake race on the green, pancakes for school dinner and yet more pancakes at home in the evening. Never one for missing an “occassion”, my mum … Continue reading Shrive- Shrove- Shriven

Review: Green Market Berlin 

Yesterday we wrapped up warmly and headed down to Neukölln for the winter/Christmas Green Market, dog in tow. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so was keen to hit the food trucks, and also fancied getting my Christmas shopping started. Although we’d been to the Autumn market at the same location, I still loved the street signage which hopefully made a few other people come in … Continue reading Review: Green Market Berlin 

Review: Green Market 2016

  Hallöchen Leute! My worst fears about blogging have come true: I just don’t sit down often enough and do it. I know myself to be a massive procrastinator but this is just ridiculous. There have been so many things going on recently and I wanted to document it in all its glory, not some wishy-washy, half-remembered version several months later. So to jump straight … Continue reading Review: Green Market 2016

Veganism: the whys and wherefores

Talk to people about veganism these days and you’ll be amazed at the repertoire of responses. Maybe you’ve noticed it yourself. In the UK people often look at me like I’m a cross between a starving orphan and a saintly martyr, deserving of their pity and  respect, while at the same time they’re cursing me under their breath for reminding them of something that makes … Continue reading Veganism: the whys and wherefores