Grünkohl mit Pinkel: Hearty German Fare Veganized

The first time someone mentioned Grünkohl mit Pinkel I was confused. Kale with piss? Was this a joke or a worrying culinary fetish? More importantly- was it even vegan? My internal translator had obviously malfunctioned. I knew the Germans ate some weird things (see Saumagen, Eisbein etc.) but pee? Turns out my poor German was to blame (and still is with alarming regularity). Pinkel, I know now, is a kind … Continue reading Grünkohl mit Pinkel: Hearty German Fare Veganized

Shrive- Shrove- Shriven

As most people know- bloated bellies, empty fridges and the lingering smell of fried fat in the kitchen attest to it- Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day. Having grown up in Britain, we marked this yearly event with the village pancake race on the green, pancakes for school dinner and yet more pancakes at home in the evening. Never one for missing an “occassion”, my mum … Continue reading Shrive- Shrove- Shriven