Review: Green Market Berlin 

Yesterday we wrapped up warmly and headed down to Neukölln for the winter/Christmas Green Market, dog in tow.

I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so was keen to hit the food trucks, and also fancied getting my Christmas shopping started.

Although we’d been to the Autumn market at the same location, I still loved the street signage which hopefully made a few other people come in to take a peek. Judging by the queue outside and the hoards milling around by the food trucks, it was definitely well attended!

As tradition dictates, Siggi headed straight for the thoughtfully offered Vier Beiner Bar to scoff his way through some tasty vegan dog biscuits. We have him 10 seconds to stuff his face and made our way inside.

T went to scope out the food trucks but reported back that the queues were so long and moving slowly that it’d take an age to get a burger or a vöner. I figured we could have a Brammibals donut as a starter while we waited to see if the lines died down (they didn’t…).

We chomped our way through 4 delicious donuts (massive thumbs up to the banana peanut fudge creation) and I practiced a bit of German listening to an interesting talk on vegan nutrition.

I then left the boys to their beer and ducked in amongst the crowded stalls. It was lovely to see so many positive, happy people- both sellers and visitors- and so many creative vegan offerings!

I tried some delicious samples, bought some Christmas gifts and spoke to some lovely people. Mostly I just enjoyed wandering around feeling festive and marveling at the range of people either already vegan or taking an interest in veganism: babies, Opas, dogs, hippies, German, American, hipsters, travellers…

Unfortunately the only downside for us was the food truck to visitor ratio. Possibly the organizers hadn’t banked on quite so many people showing up, but I’d have loved a couple more savory food options.  The queues never did die down and so we decided to polish off our Berliner Berg beers (can never motivate myself to try anything new when these babies are on offer) and headed out into the twinkly lights of Neukölln to try pizza at La Stella Nera (post on Berlin vegan pizzas coming soon).

So danke sehr Green Market! You were beautiful and christmassy and got my prezzie shopping off to a good start. Looking forward to your spring incarnation in 2017!


//VV x


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