Review: Green Market 2016



Hallöchen Leute!

My worst fears about blogging have come true: I just don’t sit down often enough and do it. I know myself to be a massive procrastinator but this is just ridiculous. There have been so many things going on recently and I wanted to document it in all its glory, not some wishy-washy, half-remembered version several months later.

So to jump straight back in, here’s a little post about the wonderful Autumn Green Market 2016 that took place last weekend here in Berlin.

Give peas a chance


The Green Market was started in 2014 and is put on over 2 days every season. It has a really friendly and laid- back vibe with seasonal products, food trucks, vegan cosmetics, gift ideas, plants, cocktails and vegan beers, DJs and live music. It’s a great place to eat, chat to stall holders, find new vegan products, eat, relax and eat again. For me it’s so nice to be among similarly-minded people for an afternoon, without having to double check the ingredients of things, or falsely assure the people you’re with you just love chips and salad, honestly.

We decided to take our (relatively) new rescue dog- Siggi- with us after checking that dogs were definitely wilkommen. He’s still getting used to city life but once he discovered the kind organisers had put up a little Vierbeiner Bar (four legged bar), he was in his element!

Siggi and T check out the Vierbeiner Bar

As my highlight is always the food, I wanted to try as much as possible. Once Siggi had curled up in the sun, I hit the Vegan Piroggen truck for our starters. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with these; I had the potato filling and T got the mushroom one. On balance his was better (flavour-wise), but mine was hotter. Either way, they were the perfect accompaniment to our Berliner Berg beer…

Mushroom-filled Piroggen 


By this point burger envy had set in. I could see so many people sitting around munching on very tasty looking creations so I set off to hunt down my main course. T requested a Vöner with tahini/garlic sauce, and I admit it stopped me in my tracks for a second. If you’ve ever had one of these beauties, you’ll know why I paused: Vöner makes such good vegan döners that they’re always my default option. Still, I thought, you’ve got to try new stuff once in a while, so I left the boys to their basking and queued up for a tempeh burger…

…and i kind of wish I hadn’t. It’s not that it was bad, far from it. The bun was soft, the BBQ sauce was spot on, and all the extras like coleslaw and nachos were grand. It’s just that the tempeh itself was boring. I have only recently got into cooking with this stuff myself, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to make it taste. And this just didn’t. Of course, to make matters worse T sat next to me munching his Vöner with all its garlicky goodness wafting into the air. Next time I’ll go with my gut.

Tempeh burger with ‘slaw and nachos

Next should have been pudding. Not pudding as the Germans know it (it freaks them out when I say pudding instead of dessert) because for them a pudding is like a trifle. I say should have been because I was still hungry and short of my try-new-food-goal, but Siggi decided he was done with being glared at by tiny handbag dogs, so we joined the straggle of parents with tantrum-throwing toddlers and made our way out. We almost persuaded each other to buy a box of Brammibals donuts on the way out, which are fast becoming an addiction of ours, but we managed to restrain ourselves. Schade. A weekend just isn’t a weekend without a vegan donut.


All in all a great afternoon. I’m stocked up on birthday presents for the next months, Siggi stuffed his face on vegan dog treats, and T stuffed his pockets with free vegan stickers. Winners.

Vielen Dank und bis nächstes Mal, Green Market!


Thanks for reading, and feel free to tell me how you cook tempeh; I’m probably doing it all wrong!





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