Confessions of a Juicer

I started juicing out of jealousy. Yes. You read that right. Jealousy.

A good friend had recently gone vegan and wanted to lose weight. She bought herself a juicer and subscribed to a juice fast site online. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but pretty soon she was bouncing around her office with new-found energy, quite literally glowing.

At the time I was going through a bad patch with all sorts of endometriosis-related ailments (definitely not helped by ordering vegan pizza 3 times a week) and was feeling bloated, lethargic and dull.

Grumpily, I ordered a Philips juicer online. Nothing fancy, and I did the bare minimum of research, but it’s still going strong 18 months later.

At the back of my mind I had memories of my dad spending hours preparing carrots to feed into his cold-pressed juicer, and was overjoyed when i realized this baby would pretty much take whatever I threw (or pushed) at it. Peel, cores, pips; it chomped through the lot and left me with a delicious, vibrant elixir every time!

My early forays into juicing were pretty tame: Apple and carrot; apple and orange; sometimes some spinach; but I quickly realized that my body was reacting well to the green juices, so I upped the amount of kale, celery and lettuce. Just like my friend, I also had more energy, and best of all, my endo cramps were milder.

For me it seemed as though the nutrients were being injected directly into my body and used, rather than eaten, badly digested and lost as I felt at that time with food.

Fast forward to now, and I’m still juicing but not every day. My boyfriend is also a convert and I’m treated to a juice every weekend from his cold- pressed machine.



Here’s a simple recipe for a juice that for me feels like a detox in a glass (see top picture):


1 beetroot, peeled and quartered

4 oranges, peeled

6 carrots

thumb sized piece of ginger 

put all ingredients through the juicer and drink up! 

Sometimes I add a teaspoonful of either chlorella or spirulina to up the health benefits, and if you take a daily iron supplement, it’s a good idea to wash it down with this juice as the vitamin C helps with iron absorption.


Let me know if you have any special juice recipes, especially any that help relieve endo pains or bloating. I’d love to hear them!







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