Just another vegan…

Having toyed with the idea of starting a blog for several years now, and never getting further than merry little daydreams of helping newbies into veganism through my perfectly curated page full of flawless photos, I have decided that today might as well be the day. It’s not a particularly auspicious one: sweaty, grey summer skies; a missed alarm clock and a lingering post-brexit glumness that not even a facemask and a (very) early G&T can shake off.

I’m coming at this whole new online world of writing with not a jot of experience save for my recent foray into Instagram, and am highly likely to abandon it all in one fell swoop should my rudimentary computer skills fail me. In an age where OAPs are busy blogging about their new-found passion for digital scrap-booking, and babies can code before talking, i’m something of an anomaly. I’m that annoying person who phones her long-suffering partner in the middle of a meeting to ask if i should click ‘accept’ on a vaguely threatening but ultimately undecipherable windows pop-up. Poor guy- English isn’t even his first language.

But on to the blog. As the name suggests, i am a vegan and i am a woman (my sister doubted the last fact for a while when we were teenagers, but that’s for another post), and for the last few years i’ve been living in one of the most vegan-friendly cities on the planet- Berlin. In fact the name hails from one of my favourite first meetings with a student in Germany ever: “Ah, so you are ze vegan voman, or?” A year later and i’m still wondering how she knew (and using this phrase as an excellent pronunciation tool for Germans struggling with their ‘Ws’ by the way).

As there are approximately A LOT of excellent blogs dedicated to a vegan lifestyle out there, many of which have planted the seed for this creation, i will state now that this offering will not be bringing anything particularly new to the table. My cooking skills are shabby, my photography skills worse still, and given that i have a nasty habit of dropping off the radar with friends and family for weeks at a time, i cannot add reliability to my list of competencies. That said, I’m a very enthusiastic person and trying new things almost always makes me feel good*, so I’m full of hope.

So. Do read on (or follow, or whatever the jargon is) if you fancy the occasional post about Berlin’s best eateries, carnist/vegan relationships, herbalism, kombucha, periods, wild swimming, dog-owning, and Deutsch. I’ll try my very best to get around to covering these topics in the near future!

Big hugs all round,




*except parsley flavoured ice-cream. That was dreadful.




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